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    Our most affordable filter, yet very effective at filtering potential…

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  • MERV 8

    MERV 8 pleated filters utilize 100% synthetic media. They help…

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    MERV 11

    For superior air filtration and efficiency, our micro allergen filter…

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  • MERV 13

    Our Ultimate Allergen filter proactively captures even the most microscopic…

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    Airex Filter’s carbon pleated filters provide superior odor and particulate…

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    For superior air filtration and efficiency, our micro allergen filter…

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Welcome to Airex Filter Corporation … we're glad you're here!

Our approach is simple: make quality products at accessible prices. We believe clean, healthy indoor air is a must in every home or place of business.

Highest Quality Filters, Made in the USA, Great Service, Fast Delivery

From commercial to home air filters, custom to standard sizes, MERV 6 to 13 ratings, and everything in between, Airex Filter carries the filters you need at value, straight-from-manufacturing, prices. Install in your house, apartment, office, or business for clean, quality air you can count on.

Can't Locate Your Air Filter at the Big Box Store? We Have All the Sizes Available!

We manufacture our own products from our very own state-of-the-art facilities located in Hudson, NH, and proudly serve consumers and businesses of all sizes. We stock all standard sizes and can custom manufacture any other size quickly using the highest quality materials.

Why is Air Filter Replacement Important?

Air filters, in the home need to be changed regularly to ensure the best possible indoor air quality. The time between air filter changes varies with air filter type, system location and other environmental factors. Replacing air filters regularly allows your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system to run at peak performance and can help minimize health risks caused by harmful airborne particles.

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